Modul-Connect PRO - Manage your vehicle fleet

Modul-Connect PRO - Manage your vehicle fleet


For the past 50 years, we have been constantly innovating and developing new technologies to make your van work smarter.

Now, we step into the next generation of fleet management and all the advantages it brings.

Introducing: Modul-Connect PRO



Modul-Connect PRO brings vehicle fleets to life - A powerful control box in every vehicle provides value-adding functionality, giving both the driver and support teams access to real-time data.

The smartphone revolutionised the way people connect. Now Modul-Connect PRO is about to give the same freedom within vehicle fleet management.

The Modul-Connect PRO can do everything the Modul-Connect system can. In addition, it allows you to monitor and manage your vehicle fleet.

Equipped with a SIM card, the Modul-Connect PRO system sends all data to the cloud for visualisation in the Web Portal. Portal access can be granted on any level, for example by country, region, or department.

In the Web Portal, all vehicles are displayed in a list and on a map where you can follow their current position, route, battery level and, if a weighing system is installed, the current weight. If the system detects a sensor value outside the allowed range, a warning is displayed on the map.

All data is stored and using the calendar function you can easily review previous routes, driving patterns and warnings.

With the driving journal service, reports are generated with exact routes, driving pattern and road toll passages. The driver can categorise the trip as business or personal, which comes in handy when preparing the monthly tax report.

If asset trackers are installed, not only the driver, but also users of the Web Portal can see when assets are out of range.

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