European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval


Enhancements scheme for N1 ECWVTA Vehicles

As a major commercial vehicle converter, we are pleased to see the announcement regarding the implementation of the Enhancement scheme for N1 category vehicles. Having been instrumental from the outset, working alongside the SMMT and VCA in initial discussions on European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA), we believe that the Enhancement scheme offers a far simpler solution that, whilst requiring an improved level of conformity of production will ultimately benefit our clients.

We see the relationship with the vehicle manufacturers and dealerships as being of paramount importance, ensuring vehicles are registered in a timely and appropriate manner whilst conforming to the new regulations. This evolving relationship is centred around the converters providing a type approval number, supplied by the VCA, upon completion of the vehicle. This will prove vital to the manufacturers in enabling them to register the vehicle through AFRL, when the conversion is undertaken pre-registration.

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