Modul-System accessories are innovative products that have been specifically developed for use with the Modul-System range. By adding Modul-System accessories, you can extend the functionality of the racking system and make your workspace even more efficient.

  • Rubber mat, shelf 324x10000 (roll)

  • Rubber mat, shelf 486x10000 (roll)

  • Modul-Box 162x216

  • Modul-Box 162x324

  • Modul-Box 162x486

  • Modul-Box Divider 162

  • Modul-Box Window 162

  • Modul-Box 324x324

  • Modul-Box Divider 324

  • Modul-Box Window 324

  • Modul-Box Handle 324

  • Plastic Box, deep 400x600

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