We stop sending assembly instructions


Every year we send out almost a quarter of a million assembly instructions. That means that three quarters of a ton of paper currently leaves our factory. As we are striving to reduce our impact on the environment, we have decided to stop sending hard copies of assembly instructions together with our products, and only supply them digitally.
- A large number of products that leave our factory are distributed to our Service Centers or partners. As they are so familiar with our products, they no longer need the instructions, and as a consequence a large quantity of paper is just thrown away, David Mickelson, CEO of the Modul-System group, explains.

That isn’t the only benefit though. Not supplying hard copies of assembly instructions is also beneficial for our work with Lean Production.
- By removing the assembly instructions we can reduce the number of tasks that our factory and our workshops have to carry out, thus becoming more efficient. We are also achieving a better and cleaner work environment when no assembly instructions have to be collated, stored or disposed of, therefore, we will significantly reduce the amount of recycling material to handle, Anders Carlsson, head of the Lean Production project, explains.
All assembly instructions are available for downloading on our website. If someone, for any reason, wants a hard copy, they are kindly asked to contact their sales man and arrange to receive one free of charge.

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