Modul-Connect is a unique and robust platform for all digital and electrical devices in commercial vehicles. The system is quick and easy to install and being independent of the OEM’s electrical system and any other vehicle electrics, it offers maximum reliability.

Modul-Connect consists of a versatile control box with high-capacity outputs, which all offer individual settings for battery guard and/or timer. Additionally, it has inputs which can be used for switching from signals and to control outputs. Three CAN channels enable direct integration with the vehicle or additional systems as may be required. Bluetooth communication allows for wireless switches with a range of up to 100 m. The electrical products can be managed using the Modul-Connect App from a phone or tablet (iOS or Android), a battery driven remote control, or powered switches with or without display.

The system is extremely intelligent and allows for advanced programming. For example, it can turn the work lights off when releasing the handbrake. Using a weighing system, the driver can be alerted when the vehicle is over-weight.

A PIR sensor can detect movement and, for example, turn the lighting on, and the temperature and humidity sensor can trigger an alarm or notification on your mobile device. Asset trackers will warn the driver if equipment is out of range when leaving a worksite.

Modul-Connect PRO 

The Modul-Connect PRO can do everything the Modul-Connect system can. In addition, it allows you to monitor and manage your vehicle fleet.

Equipped with a SIM card, the Modul-Connect PRO system sends all data to the cloud for visualisation in the Web Portal. Portal access can be granted on any level, for example by country, region, or department.

In the Web Portal, all vehicles are displayed in a list and on a map where you can follow their current position, route, battery level and, if a weighing system is installed, the current weight. If the system detects a sensor value outside the allowed range, a warning is displayed on the map.

All data is stored and using the calendar function you can easily review previous routes, driving patterns and warnings.

With the driving journal service, reports are generated with exact routes, driving pattern and road toll passages. The driver can categorise the trip as business or personal, which comes in handy when preparing the monthly tax report.

If asset trackers are installed, not only the driver, but also users of the Web Portal can see when assets are out of range.


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With Modul-Connect vehicle electrics are made simple. The system can be installed quickly and safely, without the need for experienced electricians or complex programming.


Modul-Connect is a ground-breaking innovative wiring and control system, which enables you to control all of the vehicle’s auxiliary electrical items with your mobile device. It is extremely versatile and can handle large loads.

The system is developed for the light commercial vehicle industry, by Modul-System in collaboration with specialists within automotive electronics and software. The product is developed and produced in Sweden, using high-quality components. Therefore, we can with confidence offer a 3-year warranty.

Modul-Connect is completely independent of the OEM’s electrical system and any other vehicle electrics. The system has undergone rigorous testing and holds both the E and CE mark.





Modul-Connect PRO

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Modul-Connect PRO brings vehicle fleets to life. A powerful control box in every vehicle provides value-adding functionality, giving both the driver and support teams access to real-time data. The smartphone revolutionised the way people connect. Now Modul-Connect PRO is about to give the same freedom within vehicle fleet management.



You can acquire valuable insights by monitoring your fleet. By optimising the routes, both kilometres and valuable time can be saved. In the Modul-Connect Web Portal, all your vehicles are visualised with their exact position and driven route, battery level and load weight from the weighing system. For vehicles with sensors installed, you will be able to follow the statistics, and if the weighing system alarms, you will be notified. All data is stored, and you can easily analyse historic values. In addition, you can create different kinds of reports, which can be exported to other formats and shared for further analyses to optimise the business. Based on local regulations and guidelines, it is also possible to set which data will be visible for each user.

Using our Driving Journal service, precise reports can be generated from the system. You will be able to see all routes, kilometres driven and road toll passages. The driver can categorise the trip as business or personal using the mobile phone. The compiled data can be exported to Excel and used as a basis when creating the monthly tax report to the finance department.

Using the Driving Behaviour service, it is possible to detect acceleration, heavy braking and unbalanced turns. In addition to the traffic safety aspect, this information can be used to minimise fuel consumption and emissions and prolong the lifespan of the vehicle’s tires, brakes etc.






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With the on-board vehicle weighing system installed, the driver can monitor the front and rear axle weight, as well as total weight, of the vehicle. Sensors are installed on the vehicle suspension, and the main control unit will calculate the actual load based on the data from the sensors.



Are you struggling with your vehicles being over-weight? The on-board vehicle weighing system monitors the vehicle weight in real-time. The weight is shown on a display switch panel, mobile phone or tablet and is presented in relation to the payload.

The system gets its data from sensors installed on the vehicle suspension and enables the driver to monitor the front axle, rear axle and total weight of the vehicle. The system is extremely precise with an accuracy of +/- 2.5 % when close to maximum payload.

The display switch panel, with a high-quality OLED screen, is designed to fit in the cab area of the vehicle. Backlit switches make it easy for the driver to see which accessories are turned on. A mobile phone or a tablet (iOS/Android) can be used in combination with, or instead of, the display switch. The Modul-Connect App, with user-friendly graphics, warns the driver when the vehicle is close to maximum load.

With a Modul-Connect PRO system installed, it is possible to monitor the weight of each vehicle in the Modul-Connect Web Portal. The part of the route where a vehicle was over-weight will be shown in red on the map. A report with historic warning messages per day and route can be easily generated.




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By using a power inverter, it is possible to run 230V equipment from the vehicle battery. We offer a range of high quality, pure sinewave DC to AC power inverters. All inverters features a low battery alarm to prevent total battery discharge and overload and over-temperature shutdown to protect the inverter and the conversion.


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By using a battery charger you ensure that your auxiliary battery bank is always properly charged. We install both DC-DC and AC-DC chargers. The Modul-System battery chargers are compatible with all light commercial vehicles, including those with smart alternators, regenerative braking technology and start/stop functionality.


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A heater will make sure that the vehicle is warm, even when the outside temperature is low. We offer both water and air heaters. The water heaters will pre-warm the engine / cabin, while the air heaters are suitable for warming up the load compartment / cabin.

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Lights and beacons


Exterior lights will make the vehicle visible on, or by the side of the road. Our exterior lighting range includes beacons, strobe lights, work lights and light bars. The beacons, strobe lights and light bars meet R65 regulation and feature different flash patterns to suit every need.


Good lighting conditions in your service vehicle will contribute to increased work efficiency and a higher level of safety. We offer a wide range of high-quality lights, including ambient lights, workbench lights, drawer/shelf lights and work lights in different versions.



Modul-System offers a wide range of additional electrical accessories, such as reversing cameras and alarms, hand wash units, sensors, run locks, power sockets, etc. If you can't find the accessory you are looking for on the website, please contact a member of our sales team.


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