Do you want to meet your organisation’s growing mobility more effectively, reduce the business risk associated with vehicle investment and increase efficiency and profitability?

Using Modul-Fleet you can reduce administration, visualise your fleet planning, make live changes and measure the delivery outcome.


  • Increased efficiency / profitability. Visualises your planning so that you can eliminate bottlenecks, increase your efficiency and improve your profitability. 
  • Reduced administration. All information compiled in one place, together with a high level of automation, will lead to reduced administration and more time with the customer.
  • User friendly. Simple and intuitive interface where the user can administrate changes. Can be integrated with most business systems and other software.
  • Cost efficient. No investment in expensive hardware or SIM cards required. Can easily be expanded as the fleet grows or the needs change.


Modul-Fleet is a fleet management system with functionality for scheduling, placing orders and reporting work hours. You will get clear and transparent information, which can be used as the basis for billing and to analyse and measure the delivery outcome. A digital, automatically generated driving log is included.

What makes us different?

Scheduling and vehicle management goes hand in hand. Modul-Fleet integrates the scheduling with the vehicle management, compiling all relevant information in the same place.

Modul-Fleet is developed for your smartphone, tablet and computer, and it doesn’t require any additional hardware other than a dongle which is simply plugged into the vehicle’s OBD II port. Because all data is transferred via Bluetooth, no SIM card with accompanying subscription is required.

How does it work?

The OBD dongle will collect all relevant data from the vehicle. The information is automatically uploaded to the driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth, and saved to the cloud as soon as the phone is connected to the Internet.

In the Modul-Fleet app, each user can easily administrate the driving log, receive schedule updates, report work hours and stay in contact with the other drivers and office staff.

fleet management software

What are the options? 

Modul-Fleet comprises of modules. You can select a pre-defined package or tailor your own specification. You will find more information about each module below.

fleet management system
telematics & fleet management software


All journey data is compiled in the digital and automatically generated driving log, which reduces administration and facilitates an eventual tax audit. The driving log registers all data required by the government for taxation purposes.


Here is where all relevant information about vehicle status and driver behavior is gathered, for example fuel consumption, emissions and warnings. You are provided with transparent and relevant data, which can be used to reduce costs and eliminate security risks.

telematics & fleet management system
fleet management


A lot can happen during a day. The scheduler offers interactive and transparent planning, which enables you to visit more customers and increase your profitability. Available in the app and for the web.


Appointments can take longer than expected. By reporting hours worked directly in the app you can reduce administration and get an accurate overview of scheduled time vs. actual hours spent.

fleet management software scheduler
fleet management


A lot can happen during a day and the schedule can change more than once. The messenger allows instant messaging between two or more people, making sure everyone involved is kept up to speed.


By carrying the correct material to get the job done, you will have more satisfied customers and less emergency call outs. The ordering module allows you to place orders in advance, and to double-check that you have all items required before you leave.

fleet management software
fleet management software live tracking


Live tracking gives an overview of where each vehicle is located, which facilitates the allocation of assignments and gives the drivers peace of mind in the event of a breakdown. When combined with the scheduler, you can see instantly how the vehicles are moving, which allows you to optimise their routes.


One vehicle can be used by numerous drivers. The multiple drivers functionality enables several drivers to be connected to the same dongle and vehicle.

fleet management software multiple drivers
fleet management software reporting


You get a detailed, visual overview on scheduled time vs. actual hours worked, which helps you to analyse the situation and identify bottlenecks. You can also, quickly and easily, create a basis for billing.

Thanks to open source code, Modul-Fleet can be integrated with most business systems and other software.

Which solution best suit your needs?



Quick and reliable digital driving log, which is administered in the app with compilation on the web.


In addition to the functionality in the Starter pack, this kit contains information about vehicle status, a scheduler, the possibility to report hours worked and a messenger.


In addition to the functionality in the Professional pack, this kit contains functionality for order input, basis for billing, documentation and aggregated reports.

fleet management software features table

* Integration to other systems and customer adaptation possible.


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